Well… yeah!!
 I have been furiously reading about Stoicism and the movement’s contemporaries’ and I must say; it is tugging at my heart and mind. I find myself more and more drawn in to the ways and means of Stoicism and I am, upon further research and investigation, considering Stoicism as my main philosophical ideology and NOT Buddhism. 

Shocking, I know. To even see myself type this is causing me a bit of a need to pause and reflect on what I’m thinking/feeling. Though I feel that Buddhism and Stoicism share much in common, Buddhism doesn’t ask ambiguous question, such as, “what’s the meaning of life?” This is because One can never truly know the answer. 
Stoicism insteads seeks to understand Life as it were and in doing so perhaps we may be able to ask a better question than, “what is the meaning of life?” such as, 
“is there meaning to life?” or “to what means can this life to attributed to?”

I’m not sure where this research and reflection will lead, but the simple fact that I am thinking of shifting my thoughts and Philosophical stance is earth-shattering to me! 

What about any of you? Have any of you lived a certain way for so long and then found something that stood the possibility of shaking up everything you’ve learned and come to understand about the conduct of life? Did you embrace it or rebuke it? What was it? 

Until we meet again, take care and namasté. 

You act like mortals in all that you fear, and like immortals in all that you desire – Seneca