The easiest thing I can tell someone who asks me, “what should I believe in with regards to theism vs. atheism” is this;

  1. Reconcile your beliefs first and foremost. Intelligently ask yourself what it is that you know to be true vs. what you want to be true, but can’t verify either way. 
  2. If it’s something that is possibly not true, ask yourself, “why do I believe in what I believe in?” Does it make you a better person? Is it beneficial to your mind, heart, and/or body?
  3. Can you reconcile what you believe in with the natural laws and order of things? Or does your belief(s) conflict with the observable Nature of life?
  4. Is what you believe in detrimental to your personal, intellectual, and/or emotional growth? 
  5. Is this something you are willing to defend resolutely when questioned and prodded by others?

You must answer these questions honestly and objectively. You must be willing to sit and dissect your current beliefs in the fear/hope of having your beliefs cauterized or euthanized. When you have an honest dialogue with yourself in terms of what you believe, how reasonable or logical it is, and how beneficial it is or could be, you can finally start having a broader spectrum of thought and vision as to who you are and who you want to be. If any of your answers return a “no” or negative response, you must analyze that answer and then ask yourself if the belief can be changed for the better. If not, you must abandon that ideology or belief. 

There is nothing wrong with a religious or spiritual person who accepts facts where there are facts and understands that any type of religion is a philosophical avenue towards a better PERSONAL relationship with yourself and then thusly projected outwardly towards civilization. Those are just my thoughts on the topic. Comments? Thoughts? Feel free to leave them.

Have a peaceful day – Mike