Every day I fight a war on two fronts: 

The first is within my mind. To silence the fears and the doubts that may arise in a given day. To recognize that I give my negative thoughts the power in which they are able to hold sway over me. To pacify my ego in such as way that it becomes an irrelevant concept. 

The second is within my heart. To trust what I feel and to know it to be the truth. To be emboldened by the power that love has over everything. To live within that love at all costs. To be fearless and to be noble-hearted even in the face of darkness. 

We all have our insecurities and our demons. Life is about finding people who see those demons and insecurities for what they are; a human being lost to human experiences. To not judge one another. To lift up. To empower. To guide. To cherish. To love. 

I am finding at 34 years old… I am as much a work in progress as an infant is. My mind and my heart are bitter rivals and I must mediate the two every day. Some days, there is much peace. Other days there is constant turmoil. Before I die, I hope there is unity between the two of them. And this is why I read books about philosophy and philosophers and why I constantly put myself in situations that will test me and make me uncomfortable when it comes to relationships with others. There is much growth to be had in pain. In the pain of Love, there is much life to be experienced. 

Take care. Deuces.